Vijaya dashami /Dusserra

Dusserra or Vijayadashami is an auspicious day in India. On this day Shami trees and weapons are worshipped and the exchange of Shami leaves on Vijayadashmi is a symbol of good will and victory. My dad used to say Dusserra is a very good day to start something you wanted to start for a long time.This blog is one of those things. Wanted to publish it some time soon since a month so thought I should do this job today on the auspicious day of Dusserra!

Made this Naivedyam (Bhog or food offered to God).
This is offered to God first and then eaten by us.While eating, one should start with the curd or kheer on the plate (I did not make any of them so not shown on the plate). Then Dal rice is eaten. While mixing Dal and rice lemon, ghee should be added. The rice mixed like this is almost every Maharashtrian’s favourite as well comfort food. Widely known as ‘varan Bhat tup Limbu’ in Maharashtra. There is a reason for starting the meal by rice and dal. According to Balaji Tambe’s Ayurveda theory, Rice mixed with Toor Daal and Ghee and Lime helps to lower down the ‘Pitta’ dosha generated because of fasting or gap between two meals.

When we do Naiveidyam, we are not supposed to use garlic and Onion while cooking food. The food is very ‘Satvik’ but tasty on such occasions.

On the plate below, From Top Left corner
Coconut Chutney, Carrot Koshimbir,Puri,Rice and Dal, Ghee on Dal, Potato dry curry, Gulabjamun and Lime.


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